Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #877, 05 December 2023

Read about BlackRock, there's some more good news coming in.


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 1492, Christopher Columbus reached the island of Haiti. Essentially, we are kind of like Columbus ourselves! More accurately, we're Callumbus, bro. We give early calls on projects, explore the uncharted, sailing the vastness of the net in search of a New Land. And darn it, we will find it! :)

📰 News going to press:

– The guys from BlackRock and Bitwise have submitted new applications to the SEC for a spot-bitcoin ETF. Well, they've updated them to comply with all the rules. Can't wait for the show!

– BlackRock received $100,000 in initial funding for a Bitcoin ETF. Basically, on Twitter, there are talks that prices of around $2k for $ETH are just dust. And $ETH hasn't really had a proper bull run yet. Indeed! Considering all the projects that are built on it. And such news only strengthens this thesis.

– Tokenization of RWA is gaining momentum in Europe: AXA, Generali are buying green bonds from SocGen on Ethereum. You don't even need to know who they are. In a big bull market, there will be hundreds of times more such news. :)

🔮 What are the projects up to?

– Blur dominates nearly 80% of the NFT trading volume amid rising market activity. Are NFTs back in the game? Seems like it. What about The Simpsons now??? Funny?

– Arbitrum will distribute $23 million to those projects that missed out on the initial grant money.






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