Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #898, 23 January

BlackRock waiting for markets to fall?


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, 1998, rapper XXXTentacion was born. In 2018, he will be shot and killed. Thanks to his death, Tentacion's songs will become more popular.... yes, there are times when death is the best reason to hype. But do the dead need the hype? 

We work for the living. And we make media for the living. Crypto has long been accepted in heaven. Let's fucking go!  

📰 News is going to print: 

- Blackrock warn that markets could suffer due to worsening geopolitical situation in 2024. BlackRock guys are powerful... Let's hope that's how they temper expectations. For we will have to change into bears..... and there won't be ooga boogies, there will be lows and dumps. BlackRock is mostly worried about Taiwan. They hold the US standoff rating with China at the highest point in history. 

🔮 What are the projects doing there? 

- Who's staking PYTH? Enter EVM (MetaMask) wallet. We think there could very well be drops for staking $PYTH from projects on the Ethereum network and others.  

- Alameda Research (that's the company run by Sam Bankman's ex) is suing Grayscale. Lol. 

- AltLayer rolled out details on the drop. Claiming process will start on January 25th. 

- Rabby has launched a points program. Airdrop soon?????




waiting for dumps


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