Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #1005, 27 June

Biden and Trump Are More Interesting Than Crypto


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today is Fishing Day. Yesterday we had a good time fishing with Blast. Thanks, but we don't want more for now.

Now let's briefly cover the important stuff. Because we value your time, and time is Moni.

What's up?

– Ton Foundation has completed the 4th season of The Open League!

Projects we wrote about:

- DeDust took 1st place in the DeFi battle, and Ston.Fi took 4th.

- TON Punks took 6th place in the app battle, while Catizen took 1st.

The next season starts on July 10th. We are looking forward to it. You can check the results here 👈

– Also, you can now use TON through Symbiosis. We've written about Symbiosis a long time ago, even did AMAs and contests together :) The fees are huge, but if you're interested...

It's worth a try 👈

That is, you can transfer ETH from the Ethereum network to TON and so on. A cross-chain solution we’ve been missing. Although it's very expensive right now, it's easier to use an exchange.

– Meanwhile, we recommend continuing to explore mini apps on TON. The guys have launched a new trend in Tap-To-Earn:

- Hamster has reached 150 million users

- TapSwap 50 million

- Yescoin 20 million

– Crypto Twitter is a little bit disappointed with the Blast drop.

The ZkSync drop was met relatively warmly, and LayerZero was well-received. But here, people are not very happy, they expected more.

– Reuters reports that the SEC might launch an Ethereum ETF as early as July 4th. Waiting for it?

– Starknet released their roadmap. Interested? )

– The debates between Trump and Biden will take place today at 1:00 AM UTC. So, in the night from Thursday to Friday. If you're up, you can pick up some coins featuring Biden or Trump to your liking :)


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