Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #993, 10 June

Berachain releases, ZkSync announces


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 1692, the first "witches" were hanged in Salem. The witch hunts took place during the 15th-17th centuries. Back then, society punished people accused of witchcraft.

We’re against that kind of thing. But when you read the tweets from some projects...and their founders...it makes you wonder if...okay, just kidding. Or are we?

Now, let's get to the important stuff. After all, we value your time. Time is Moni.

What's up?

- Berachain rolled out V2 of the testnet. What does this mean?

The mainnet is coming soon. Keep being active and participate in the contests Berachain projects do.

- ZkSync made an announcement about an announcement. Something’s coming soon. Either an airdrop checker or quests. The community is on edge with anticipation.

- Mr. Pellegrino announced that the LayerZero token will launch in the first half of 2024. So, by the end of June.

And by the end of June, we’ll see a full list of sybils.

- We’re continuing to boost District1. We’re giving out gems for voting, rallies, holding shares, and being active in the chat. 

So don’t miss out 👈

- Durov complained that his $180 Samsung died from the Dubai heat.

Pavel, a great excuse to buy a Ton Phone from Oyster Labs. And write about it on your Telegram. Just a suggestion :)

- There are rumors that a Solana ETF might be approved in the coming months. Sounds like a bullsh*t. It might just be a rumor. We’ll see, but don’t set any expectations just yet.

Market Overview:

- There’s a belief that altseason might start in 2-3 months. If BTC remains stable, alts might gradually move up.

- On June 12, the Fed chairman is expected to speak about the interest rate.

He’s likely not going to lower it. But even if he signals that the Fed plans to do it, that would be a positive sign for investors to enter the markets. Including crypto.




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