Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #863, 09 November

BE RA CHAIN: testnet is here...?


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today is Museums Day in the United States. In crypto we don't need to go to museums. We have museums, circuses, and zoos all in one place. And now we're going to prove it to you. 

🐻 It looks like Berachain has launched a testnet.... but first things first 

We found Berachain back in September 2022. What's interesting about it: 

- The guys closed a $42 million round, the project's valuation is $420 million (maybe)

- There will be three coins: to pay $BERA commissions, to vote $BGT, and a $HONEY stablecoin

- Bee gets you! Meme! The formula is simple. Meme + hype + crypto = success

- So yes, it's L-1 blockchain EVM-compliant  

- All in all, it's a post-irony project. Twitter infls jokingly call it a "fakechain", like a non-existent
blockchain. Or maybe not jokingly. No one understands if they're really worth 420 mil, or if it's some kind of joke. No one understands their roadmap, intentions and all that jazz

And that makes it even more fun! 

🐻 What's a testnet?And how do you get on it? 

We've been waiting for a long time for a testnet with rewards from Bera....Some of use thought no hope is left…as yesterday Berachain co-founder Smokey announced that they have launched a closed testnet for projects to be built on Berachain. Screenshots of email invitations to the testnet went viral on Twitter. 

Note that maybe this testnet is another JOKE from the creators. Or maybe it's not.

The public testnet was said to be launched later. We think that the testnet may not be open to everyone, but to NFT hodlers: HoneyCombs and other collections like Beradrome, Aori and others. 

🐻 Conclusions...about BE RA CHAIN: 

We don't see a middle ground.Either Berachain will be a super project that will eclipse DOGE or at least equal it, or....total collapse.Either 100000x or rekt. There is no middle ground. 

🐻 What to do? 

While we wait for the public testnet, time to find some Berachain alpha:

- Berachain Projects Twitter List by Alex Core

- Berachain projects Twitter List by MiguelRare






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