Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #903, 30 January

BASED recap of restaking protocols!


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Ok! Let’s dive intop staking protocols’ world? Ok! 

Juicy restaking protocols:

🟣️ Ether Fi – the most famous, the most beloved... A protocol that outperformed all others and has the highest TVL.

🟣️ KelpDAO – medium by TVL, but not minor in significance in the segment. Top project.

🟣️ Renzo - the youngest brother in the restaking family. But! Works well and has good returns.

🟣️ Genesis - launched very recently. TVL is only 400k. Early gem?

🟣️ Swell - LRT / Money / Pearls. They've been calling it for a long time, and soon there will be a drop in the project. On the 5th of February, you can put your swETH into EigenLayer.

🟣️ EigenPie – Stake Ether, farm project points, farm Eigenlayer points. Worth a t


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