Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #871, 21 November 2023



Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Our digests are back! Now in the evenings.

The juiciest part:

- The Blast project has started giving everyone early access. Check it out

- Blur has launched the second season of their drop. Check it out 💰

Interesting noise

- Tether froze 225 m of $USDT, which were linked to human trafficking. We are against human trafficking, crime, drugs, terrorism, and everything bad. But it seems that Tether will ban everyone indiscriminately in the "happy future of CBDC", meaning everyone in general. We're waiting for the narrative of decentralized stablecoins :)

- Binance is being pressured to pay 4 billion dollars to suspend a criminal case in the USA. Forget it, Binance is unlikely to coexist in the USA, especially not under the current management.

- The SEC has sued the parent companies of Kraken - Payward and Payward Ventures - for allegedly operating without the necessary registration. No comments. 






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