Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #712, 20 March 2023

Gem City becomes Arkham!


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today is the Happiness Day! Well, overall, crypto is about emotional bounce. Sometimes you feel like a God after just a few airdrops. Sometimes even millions of dollars can't bring any positive vibes to degens. 

We try to keep balance! That's why we had a hand in the most collaborations we provided you. So now let's talk about Arkham and our upcoming chat room on its Discord server. Moreover, we'll cover some previous news and pass on crypto activities you could miss.

Let's go! 


Moni Talks x Arkham - raffle and collaboration!

"No one cared who I was until I put on the mask." - said Bane. Eh, You care about us, Gem Hunter! But we know you do it more when we provide you with some raffles and unique collaborations, yeah? :) We wanna propagates GEMS only! That's why we are frens with Arkham now. 

🤔 What is it? 

If you are a true degen, there is no need to explain. If you are not, Arkham is an analytical crypto platform. What's the point: 

– Early users have an opportunity (probably) to grab some rewards 

– A great UX/UI 

– The guys make email newsletters that keep you updated by showing by crypto market via analytical tools and wallets' dances 

So the Discord Group came to Life! Since now, guys have raffled off two books for the community: "DeFi/NFT 

Books - Beginner & Advanced guides". Btw, books are not the only reward you can receive: 

– We'll have the personal Moni Talks chat on their Discord 

– You'll have a chance to communicate with the team: leave your feedback, ask questions and so on 

– More active you are, move perks you will be able to get 

What's the next step? 

– Join the Arkham Discord by the link

Go to "General" and leave the "I'm here from Moni Talks" message 

– Wait for a little to get a role and open a chat 

– The deadline is march 24


Playboy got rekt on ether | DAI on bonds | Bitcoins are leaving the exchanges

1. Playboy lost $4.9 million on the dump of Ether

2. MakerDAO will add DAI collateral in U.S. Cossack bonds

3. Robert Kiyosaki advises buying Bitcoin as banks go broke

4. Bank collapse forced investors to move 70k bitcoins to self-custody


Kunz wanna know 


The hottest crypto activities from the previous week

Oh, honey, you wanna rest some? Ok, do it! Ofc, we'll see the 2nd Arbitrum. And 50-th one...NO! Do not be lazy ass. Pass at least one, please. 

1) Moni Talks x Arkham - raffle and collaboration! Check  

Here you should just join Discord and wait until the Moni Talks room opens. Then you'll show your activity there, ok? 

2) Space ID: A New Gem from Binance Launchpad? + Airdrop. Read 

Airdrop soon! Stand by. For now, you can register your BNB to be prepared for the sale. 

3) Sei wen Drop?. Do it 

There is a deadline that comes 25th of March. You can't miss it! Pass this testnet. 



Here we should put a meme, but Dima forgot to create it. That's why we just found a pic of terrible quality and shared it with you. Let's imagine Bane is giving away airdrops to Gem City citizens! 

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