Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #711, 17 March

You have not been deceived. Arbitrum airdrop is TRUE!


Hey, Moni Maker!ย ๐Ÿ‘พ

Today they celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in Ireland! You know, there is green everywhere. Yeah, mate. We love green! Especially when it's on the charts. Especially when it's about freebies! 

Finally, this day came. Beloved Arbitrum announced the airdrop event! We'll cover it. Also, weโ€™ll cover the anti-airdrop events that were some hours before. So just scroll the digest in a straightforward way. Never forget to continue your testnet way and pass the SEI activity. Also, we'll talk about news, like, Uniswap adding the BNB-chain network. 

Let's go! 



it would be funny! Yeah...if we hadn't such dopamine dumps and empty pockets. Nonsense...

โ€“ Ok, stop crying! What happened? 

$ARBI Airdrop Spirit was walking around the Twitter Streets today. Yeah, we are sick to death of it. Btw, this spirit was supported by big crypto influencers. In easy-peasy language, crypto bloggers Twitter about the upcoming ARBI drop. 

โ€“ I didn't get it! So airdrop is coming? 

Seems like...no :)))) Or yes, and ARBI marketing managers won this game. Look, the Up Only host Cobie tweeted that he saw a dynamic in Polymarket, the prediction market. So he decided to make us wise up a little bit once again and gain FOMO in the small closed chat of crypto influencers: 

"The trick is to leak the airdrop every time someone makes a massive market buy on the March prediction market. I have been wrong five times but eventually, Iโ€™ll be right and everyone will forget the other times. Good confluence this time though"

So what? 

It's a great lesson about crypto bloggers. Nobody knows what fact-checking is. Tbh, it's not about crypto only but the whole world. 

Long story short, we should still wait for the airdrop and hope it will come. Do you think it will be?:) And wen?




March 23!!!! 

https://arbitrum.foundation- check ur wallets 

Finally, frens! 

Tokenomics: 10b. 11.62% goes to airdrop! 

p.s. some hate is walking around their discord because they didn't include a lot of real ARBI users' wallets. So if you are f*cked up - don't get upset now. Check some later. And get upset later. 


Uniswap outplays Pancake???

โ€“ A payment system from the Federal Reserve will appear in July

โ€“ The largest decentralized exchange Uniswap has integrated the BNB-Chain



Yes this one. 


Sei wen Drop?

Sei is a L1 blockchain. They attracted a lot of moni and the final testnet phase came with Mystery Box raffling. 

What to do:

- Follow the link and connect your wallet (this time use Keplr).

- Go to the faucet to get tokens

- Return to the platform

 - Make a deposit and make 25 transactions

- Follow the link

- Send the box to yourself in another wallet and claim it

The deadline is March 25th, so don't delay too much!



in ru btw it's coooool

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