Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #939, 28 March

Anime aped in crypto


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in the year 364, the Roman Emperor Valentinian I appointed his brother as co-emperor. In the past, people wanted to be co-emperors; now, they want to be co-founders of successful projects. Times have changed.

And now we'll see it together. We'll briefly and succinctly tell you about the cream of the crop in the crypto world, because we value your time, time is Moni!

🔮 Project news:

– Layer3 will drop a token. Pass the quests

- Today, YEET mint comes! We'll make a post a little later

- Arbitrum and Azuki are bringing anime into crypto! They want to attract anime fans to web3. You can already make a tweet

- If you have over $1000 $PAC, you can fly into their Space on DistrictOne and farm Blast Gold

- EarlyFans released a whitepaper

- gg.zip will launch beta test on weekends

- Ethena is launching a token and token claim. However, the claim link will only be available on April 2

- Fantasy distributed prizes for the last tournaments. Fly in with ref: gryazintweets

- Optimism will distribute grants of $3.3 billion to ecosystem projects

📰 News heading to print:

- Fidelity applied for an ETH ETF with staking. The guys manage $4.5 trillion. Any questions why ETH ETF will be approved? :)

- Activity in L2 is super high. We're breaking records. 13.8 million addresses in the last 30 days. Most in zksync - 3.2 million

- Interesting RWA report from CoinGecko

💸 Which projects raised money?

- BOB raised $10 million from Castle Island and others. It's a hybrid L2 that combines Bitcoin and EVM. They give $SPICE token for liquidity lock. We're flying in with code: zzgyj7

- Parallel raised $35 million from Spartan, BASE, and many other cool guys

- My Shell raised $11 million from Delphi Ventures and others


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