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What is altseason?


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Today, in 1983, at one of the IT conferences, the first computer virus was presented. Back then, such things used to instill fear... but what about now? We already know about viruses, Trojans, exploits, drainers, and phishing... we in the crypto world have seen it all, so we don't really care. But we should not only focus on the negative, right? So, let's now talk about altseason.

What is altseason and how does it work?

In crypto chats, there are more and more discussions about something called altseason. 

What is it?

Altcoin - any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. It stands for "Alternative Coin," meaning "any other coin."

Altseason - when the entire market is rising apart from BTC (Bitcoin).

How does altseason start?

Altseason generally starts with money flowing into the market. Halving, people getting disappointed in stocks and banks, and so on.

The stages progress parabolically. The first phase lasts a long time, and the last one is quick.

Stages of altseason

#1. Money flows into Bitcoin, the price rises

During this stage, some money flows into Ethereum. $ETH competes with Bitcoin.

#2. Ethereum outperforms Bitcoin

We hear discussions that "Ethereum flipped Bitcoin," meaning it outperformed it, took its place, and became better, etc.

Towards the end of this stage, money starts flowing into "large caps," meaning other coins with a large market capitalization.

#3. Large caps

Ethereum still outperforms Bitcoin during this stage. Large caps are growing.?

#4. Altseason

Money from large coins starts flowing into the rest of the market. Both small and medium coins grow. A
bunch of meme coins appear. There's an air of "euphoria and mania."

This is a super-dangerous moment. It's important to take out some profits in time (or even all) from crypto and take a break. Success in altseason can make many dizzy and tempt them to spend every last
cent in an attempt to earn even more.

We'll be congratulating you on the start of altseason soon! For now, save this post and show it to your friends, it will come in handy.


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