Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #988, 03 June



Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today is World Bicycle Day. Oh, to hop on a bike and ride into a bright future where Bitcoin is $200k, ETH is $30k, all the drops are claimed, and Lambos are bought. Right?

But now, briefly about the important stuff. We value your time, time is Moni.

What's Up?

– Twitter is buzzing about the upcoming alt-season. Supposedly, $ETH will strengthen compared to Bitcoin thanks to the ETF, and our altcoins will soar.


– Ton Phone has sent out emails. They urgently request everyone who bought the phone to claim their Founder Pass.

You can do that here 👈

They say the rocket is being loaded.

Well, it's not even a racket yet. They did a $PLANE and $BCT drop, the amounts of which are laughable.

Ton Phone, come on, make us richer!

– ZkSync has dropped the ZK trademark due to disputes with Polyhedra and others.

Honestly, we don't care at all. There's no need to delve into it.

What difference does it make what you call the coin. Call it $SCAM if you want. Just give us the drop already, we want to become rich.

– Dodo Pizza (a big pizzeria in Russia) has filed a lawsuit against Telegram. They say that for $TON you can buy the name of any channel and then scam people. Accordingly, some random people with 28 followers have the name Dodo.

Shilling $TON has begun. But not in the way we wanted…


altseason plz 


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