Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #900, 25 January

Are Miners Rich?


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Today, some countries are celebrating Student's Day. For many, their student years remain the best times, since there's not much need to learn anything after university. But for us, crypto maniacs, exploring innovations is critically essential. Either you evolve in crypto, or crypto devours you. It's that simple. Let's freaking go!

📰 News going to press:

– Bitcoin mining brings in more than $12.3 billion a year. For comparison, here's how much other major businesses bring in:

Spotify - $11.8 billion

eBay - $10.1 billion

Hermes - $10.1 billion

Hilton - $8.3 billion

Super interesting thread about crypto: how to move forward and how to think.

– Also an interesting thread, but about AltLayer - in simple terms. Also, claim the drop plz 

🔮 What are the projects up to?

– EigenLayer is postponing their collection to February 5th, that is, by a week. It was supposed to be January 29th. 

– Polygon is rolling out Aggregator

💸 Which projects have raised money?

– Crypto Bank Sygnum raised $40 million


read it plz


true story? 


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