Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #704, 08 March

Algodex & MyAlgo have been affected! Save your moni


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today we wanna send some warm wishes to women who follow us! Btw we know the 8 March isn't
celebrated everywhere and by everyone. But it is in the CIS region. 

There should be said even during some celebrations; we should keep ourselves vigilant. Because today we'll cover the Algodex & MyAlgo hack, some Solana news and SyncSwap retrodrop.

Let's go! 


Algodex and MyAlgo have been hacked!

It’s a little late update because no one in our team sues Algorand. Btw, if you are Algodex and MyAlgo user, you should withdraw your moni and stay away from these projects for some time to let devs cure the affected sides of the ship. 


Whales and Solana | Kraken launches crypto bank

1. DeFi Algodex has been hacked; get the cash out!

2. Whales transferred $61 million in solana to Coinbase wallets

3. Kraken doesn't care about regulation, they're about to launch a crypto-bank in the US


The FED wanna rise rates

Can we get mich higher? (c) 


SyncSwap: Chasing the ZkSync drop

Today, we'll be testing the SyncSwap project, which runs on ZkSync. In the end, we'll have two activities for two potential drops.

⚠️ What to do:

- Claim the test Ether using the link

- Follow the link

- Click on the Faucet and get test tokens

- Go to Swap and swap a few times

- Go to Pool and click on New Position

- Choose two tokens and deposit them

The faucet works not well. Btw, we should pass this one! 


Sakura Elements: Your anime girl avatar

Disclaimer: Moni Talks is not responsible for this project. If it scams you, it's your own fault, don't cry in the chat, okay? We brought it to you for study.

Sakura Elements is an NFT collection from a very creative person who makes a living drawing comics and mange. 

What's going on:

- Moni Discover Score: 57 (not bad)

- Followed by some degens: 0xKepler, Mishuman

- Anime girl PFP

- Seems to have a decent founder

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