Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #703, 07 March 2023

We are celebrating once again! 250k views indahouse


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 1992, the Sailor Moon anime came to the screens! Like, it’s not Saylor who is buying Bitcoin, ha-ha-ha! 

Btw, we hope he’ll be MOON soon. And you know what? We are ToTheMoonin too! Cause we reached 250k views on YouTube! :) We’ll talk about it. Also, we cover the SEC problems, Harbor Wallet and the new Momoguro. 

Let’s go! 


250k YouTube views! We are amazing, ty

We didn't publish the English vids for a while, but today's reach of 250k is a sigh we should remind you vids you can watch and understand them :) 

Btw yes, our YouTube is in Russian only. Should we do some more English vids? Leave the reply. 

Oh. The old, but gold: 

1) Li.finance AMA


We think you'll have a great exp watching these two. Enjoy! 


Regulation and Snoop D O double G! 

1. Snoop Dogg becomes a co-founder of a Web3 streaming platform

2. Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit has suspended deposits in US dollars

3. The cryptocurrency industry is expanding beyond the United States due to regulation issues – Brad Garlinghouse



art is everything! 


Harbor Wallet: Getting NFTs (Aptos again?!)

ATTENTION! Some chat citizens said they could not pass this activity. Also, some think the wallet is able to turn into scam. Co plz, do it after s strong DYOR! 

Harbor is an EVM and Solana-compatible wallet, and its early users can mint Genesis NFTs. Now we'll tell you what to do.

What to do:

- Go to the link

- Install the wallet (available on iOS and Android)

- Connect to Uniswap and Opensea

- Deposit a couple of cents to the wallet (Matic or Solana)

- Mint NFTs in the wallet

- You can also leave your email for the waitlist in the wallet.

Who knows, maybe an airdrop is coming soon :)


Little Massive: A new Momoguru?!

Disclaimer: Moni Talks is not responsible for this project. If it scams you, it's your own fault, don't cry in the chat, okay? We brought it to you for study.

Little Massive is an NFT collection from guys who helped design and create Momoguru themselves! 

What's going on:

- Moni Discover Score: 132 (not bad!)

- Followed by some degens: Zeneca, 9GAGCEO, and many others.

- NFT collection from guys who worked on Momoguru

- That's all for now...

Gryazin Talks: I had Momoguro WL, but AL grabbed all NFTs :( It was sad because I was filling out the form for three days… ok, now you can follow the project and check it weekly to kill the next FOMO. 

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