Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #827, 12 September

Everyone is waiting for Wednesday the 13th


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today is Awareness Day. As always, we remind you to be mindful of all your actions. Well, at least half of them. Often, our actions are driven not by common sense, but by raw emotions - or rather, that damn FOMO and the desire for quick riches. But all this nonsense has NEVER led people to anything good, that's a fact. Keep a cool head and a warm heart, not the other way around :)

Project updates:

- There's a project called Avantis. We've written about it before, and the BASE fund has invested in it. In short, the number of testers in the project's beta test has grown to 50k, and the project itself is gradually sending out invitations. If your rank is below 500, expect an email next week. 

- The Ethereum Foundation has awarded grants to projects in the ERC-4337 sphere, which deals with account abstractions. We highly recommend checking out the 18 projects - here!

- Tomorrow, FTX might start selling its cryptocurrencies. FTX's biggest bag is $SOL. 

Consequently, we anticipate more waves of negativity about Solana, like, "Oh no, they're selling now, and all $SOL will dump." But it's worth noting that FTX has vesting with $SOL, meaning they can't sell it all until 2027-2028. We're not lovers or defenders of Solana, but we're against UNFOUNDED NEGATIVITY. The market is already depressing; let's not make it worse. Although, overall, FTX sales might have a significant impact on the market.

Oh, and yes, Justin Sun promised to buy FTX assets to reassure TRX holders. Like, let them sell - I'll buy, I'll save the crypto market. Are we expecting that?

- Arthur Hayes has released another article


No l0 airdrop????


BASE moves are GOLD 


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