News22 June

ZigZag has announced a public sale (airdrop SOON maybe)


ZigZag DEX, suspected of a potential airdrop, has admitted they can't take it anymore. And now they've announced details about their token.

Airdrop is coming, but not now. Right now, there will only be an IDO, which ZigZags themselves will host. The public sale of token $ZZ paired with USDC will take place on June 24th at 15:00 UTC, but you can already vote for airdrop via DAO. They decided that the last airdrops were so-so, but they will make it right, so the criteria for the drops will be discussed by voting in the community.

ZigZag justified their decision by sad times, recovering from you-know-what-happened-to-luna and the need to pay the salaries to their employees.


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