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UST - U, Save, Terra


Last night, the Twitter streets and telegram rooms were taken over by the shock of the UST's fall. We wrote about it here when UST overtook BUSD in terms of capitalisation. And Justin *Announcement* Sun even penned his UST counterpart, USDD. 

So what the f@ck was that all about?

UST dumped to $0.64. The exchange rate has recovered to $0.8, but the chart is behaving like a drunken grandfather trying to walk home - up and down... 

The reason?  

LFG tried to save UST selling bitcoins that were accumulating for it's support. But nothing worked...

What are the opinions? 

There's the view that UST will be able to recover if the market rises in the coming months - and will die if the bearishness continues. But THORchain developer Chad Barraford believes that UST will recover, and anyone who doesn't think that is being bred FUD. 

upd. Sam from FTX has followed Terra (UST) Twitter recently. What's the speculation? :)  

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