News12 May

US trader has been locked up for 42 months


Do you know what they do in jail? They don't let you lure investors into crypto and then scam them. Jeremy Spence, who the prosecutor gave a 42-month mandatory liquidation for illegally attracting over 170 investors into crypto, will have to see for himself.

From 2017 to 2019, he was the manager of several funds like Coin Signals, Bitmex Fund and Coin Signals Alternative Fund, but only Ponzi schemes let him earn some dough. The dude was telling people what a super trader he was (lie lie lie), thereby pulling in more and more money, distributing it partially among the old investors.

All in all, he's bilked the people for $5,000,000, for which he'll have to do some jail time. So beware, scammers are insidious and trying to trick your bitcoins, but why should you give them to anyone when you can rekt yourself?

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