News09 June 2022

The pain that Optimism brings


Another scandal-intrigue investigation. The crypto world is getting increasingly saturated with scams and rekts every day, this time distinguished by the recent drop of L2-solution Optimism. Let's see if Optimism is still Optimism or already Pessimism.

In short, because without half a litre here is not thoroughly tell, that Optimism before the drop to the wrong address sent 20.000.000 $OP, so a unique market maker Wintermite it all later distributed. While everyone was doing titi-mite, a particular hacker took out all the tokens, dumped a million for ETH and went down with the rest.

Wintermute admitted the joint was theirs. They bought back the $1 million they leaked and now try to find the hacker together with Optimism: they admire him on social networks, promise him a job, honour, respect, two hundred Gurias and free yoghurts on Sundays, but so far, no luck. And there's poop to be put there.


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