News31 December 2021

Moni Talks gives presents and wishes you a Happy New Year!


Usually, we try to play up the title funny, but in texts where sincerity is needed, this clickbyte is not necessary.

We want to say thank you for reading us, watching our streams, liking our videos and yelling from memes. There'll be even more content in 2022! But for now, let's move on from us to you. Our wishes:

- Less rekt and FOMO

- Get more sleep

- At least get out into the real metaverse once in a while (it's called real life)

Wait! We will not leave you without a present :) We'll give you an invite to Moni, so you can always keep track of your assets. Btw, we've released the Ethereum update, and now you can track ETH + BSC wallets!

Get your invite here

And then dive into our Discord and write feedback

Also! Our Gem Hunter team has made a top report for 2022 + lots of info about what will happen in 2022 - welcome to read it!

Cheers, your Moni Talks team πŸ’œ


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