News01 April 2022

We don't need your NFT. Gamers are outraged


We don't need your NFT. Gamers are outraged

Storybook Brawl is a free-to-play card game with automated battles launched on the Steam online gaming platform in mid-2021.

As much as FTX US itself, the developer studio recently bought it to shove NFT and blockchain in there to popularise crypto among gamers. However, gamers' reaction to this was immediately evident in the comments on Steam: "Go home and stay away".

Even though NFT, crypto, and blockchain have become widespread among artists and gamers alike, there are still many sceptics in both communities.

Major publishers like Ubisoft and Electronic Arts have already received a portion of the heckling from gamers for taking the initiative to introduce crypto-movements into traditional PC games.

Is your mass adoption necessary for everyone, or is it a toy for geeks only?

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Steam is an online digital distribution service for computer games and software developed and maintained by Valve.


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