News06 April 2022

Forbes has distributed the most prosperous crypto dogs


Forbes has published a new list of crypto-billionaires. This time the ranks of super-wealthy crypto people have arrived, and there are 19 crypto billionaires in total, which is precisely seven more than the previous year.

CZ of Binance is consistently at the top of the podium, with Sam of FTX breathing down his neck, though he has half as much money ($35bn vs $65bn). Brian Armstrong of Coinbase is in third place with a modest $6bn.

Co-founders of Opensea, CEO of FTX, the two founders of Web3 Alchemy, rounded out the list. The list has been published since 2018, but then the bar was lower at just $350,000,000 and welcome.

Let's think - who will appear next in Forbes?


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