News18 May 2022

Do Kwon, open the door; we have questions


Strange news comes from the camp of former Ether killer Terraform Labs. The media reports that several of the project's lawyers are leaving it. You might ask, what's that got to do with lawyers? Here we're wondering the same thing.

It would seem like a fiasco for technicians, analysts or anyone else, but the lawyers leave. They have stronger instincts than anyone else. Apart from the lawyers leaving Terra, the rest of the team "remain firmly committed to the project's mission".

Do Kwon here recently stressed that: "The Terra community is my family" and "I will always be here, no matter how hard things get." Sadly, the family is thinning, and the lawyers realise that they won't be able to take out the lawsuits. There is a lot of media coverage about them - e.g. here.


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