News12 May

We've found three metaverses to explore


Remember everyone here recently dreaming about how great it would be to do everything in metaverses? Well, let's keep dreaming, and at the same time, let's look at three cool metaverses with low capitalisation.

1. Star Atlas (ATLAS) - Solana-based space MMORPG, pumped last year after listing and now capitalises around $20,000,000. It is still in development.

2. Highstreet (HIGH) - Launched in October 2021 with VR meta universe, it has its chips with NFT, DeFi and RPG components for users.

3. RedFox Labs (RFOX) - Launched in November 2020, the Metaverse project aims to create a universal Metaverse interface for players focusing on media, retail, rewards and games.


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