News02 March 2023

Project Ordinals Wallet: NFT Bitcoin wallet and airdrop... can everyone participate? Yes.


The Ordinals Wallet project talked about its airdrop...

Yes, you can interact with your ordinals not only in an interface that resembles BIOS, but also in a really beautiful app that the project presented in its tweet, here's the link.

Perhaps the trend is just gaining momentum, but don't indulge in euphoria, always double-check, or you might regret it later. In any case, Bitcoin NFTs are alive. And yes.

The project also became famous for its airdrop of the "Pixel Pepes NFTs" collection, which they gave to all users who made their first transaction before the evening of February 23.

At the moment, the floor price of these airdropped NFTs is around 0.12 BTC, which currently equals $2,800. So check your Ordinals Wallet and good luck!

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