News19 July 2022

OpenSea opens launchpad on Solana


Yes, yes, that's right, OpenSea has decided to launch a launchpad on Solana. They announced this on their Twitter; now their launchpad will allow creators to host a mint of Solana NFTs.

It has also been clarified that Opensea will assist creators in all steps, from pre-mint actions to  and secondary sales. In short, support at all levels.

“We’re excited to start this program with two Solana creators as part of our launchpad experience. We are excited to launch and learn with these first drops, and we’re committed to expanding primary drops on OpenSea.” They then added that their goal is to create a better user experience for the user.

This came just 3 weeks after the announcement of Solana support. Bullrun was beneficial to everyone, but OpenSea is a separate conversation, hundreds of millions in profits, then the bear-market, insider trading (which we wrote about by the way), and firing 20% of the staff.

Perhaps it was these problems that cut short the company's financial euphoria, and made it move in the direction of the original project philosophy.


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