News10 August

Hotbit stopped the exchange operation


"We regret to inform you that Hotbit will be forced to suspend trading, deposit, withdrawal and funding functions, the exact time of resumption cannot be determined at this time.", is the exact text Hotbit users saw today.

If one refers to this letter, such severe restrictions are related to an illegal project of one of the company's former employees. Hotbit says it is not aware of the unlawful activities of the former employee, which violates the internal guidelines of the platform.

The company hints at the illegality of the actions and extensive cooperation with the police. Still, they have not explained what the person, who is no longer related to the company, did so illegally. More like a show of "dumb intrigue".

It's likely just a leak of user data; something else is hard to imagine. We'll keep an eye out and keep you updated.


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