News10 August 2022

Ethereum Curve DeFi frontend hack


$570,000 was gone due to the hack, although some of those funds were immediately frozen

Yes, hackers have not reduced their activity; every day and every week, we become the new exploit/scam event eyewitnesses.

Curve Finance confirmed the hack on Tuesday. The frontend attack was aimed at the website.

  The hackers redirected people and their transactions using the domain to scam. According to Web3 on-chain searcher, Zachxbt, the thieves received $570,000 in ETH, which they sent to cryptocurrency exchange FixedFloat to launder money.

FixedFloat said it had frozen 112 ETH, about $191,088, of the stolen funds.

 "If you have approved any Curve contracts in the last few hours, please withdraw them immediately," the company warned, advising its users to proceed cautiously. 

Btw, Curve told on Twitter now it’s safety to use the platfrom. But…but be careful. 


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