News02 November 2022

"Cryptocurrencies are our future," more than 50 percent of Americans surveyed in the study


As a result of a collective effort, cryptocurrencies have begun a bullish rise that has allowed the crypto market to increase in total value to more than $1 trillion.

In doing so, many of these virtual currencies were able to make significant price jumps to turn their charts green.

Grayscale Investments, a digital asset manager, shared the results of a survey it conducted that showed more than half of U.S. voters recognize cryptocurrencies as their future.

It may well be that it's not just about the future of crypto as a financial instrument, but in general. After all, blockchain has also made its mark in some areas: from the circulation of documents to works of digital and not only art. There's all sorts of NFTs, for example, right? 

A significant portion of respondents (37%) necessarily consider candidates' political ideas about digital currencies first before voting.

Meanwhile, 81% said they want clear rules and policies in place for the growing market sector to ensure the safety of investments made in it and discourage illegal activities related to digital currencies.

Four of the five participants expressed a desire for consumer-oriented regulation. This means that individuals (not the U.S. government) would be responsible for determining the best way to invest in cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, nearly 60% of digital currency owners reported that their reason for owning the asset is for payment purposes.


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