Learn23 August 2022

How to connect your cold wallet to 1inch?


If you are hiding your cold wallet with stables under the pillow and wanna break into DeFi, but still don’t know how, then right now we are gonna tell you how you can connect it to 1inch DEX and swap on pizza. The matter is actually simple, and if you have mastered how to put bucks on some Ledger, then be sure that you’ll definitely cope with DEX. Before starting, take out the wallet from the egg / duck / rabbit or wherever it is, otherwise the magic will not work. Let's get down to business.

Action plan:

1. You go to 1inch
2. Click “Connect wallet”

3. Choose your cold wallet

4. Next, you need to go through the connection procedure for your wallet. Here are links for the two most popular ones that you may have: Ledger and Trezor
5. ...
6. SWAP!!!!1!!1!

As you can see, nothing complicated, but now the field of your actions has notably expanded. However, in addition to actions, the risk of rekting also increases. So it is advisable not to degen from a single wallet with all your money.

To educate yourself in terms of cold wallet’s security, as well as about them in general, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with our remarkable stream with Tony B on this topic, after which you will definitely not be rekted. Maybe.


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