Crypto questions, answered

Learn the basics of crypto for your journey in Economy 3.0. What is Crypto? What is Bitcoin/Ethereum? What is DeFi? All answers here.
What are memecoins? Well, or meme coins. They are also called meme coins. That is Dogecoin, Shiba, Elon Musk Pump, Trump and so on. No problem! On the Moni Talks website, we have a section dedicated to learning about cryptocurrency. That is cryptocurrency education. In short, you get the idea. But let's go into more detail, trader! We tell you: what is web3, what is bitcoin, what is ethereum, what is meme coin, what is defi and, what is NFT, what is IDO ICO IRO IEO, what is OpenSea and NFT marketplaces, what is whitelist, what is allocation, what is private rounds, what is cryptocurrency, what is binance, what is crypto wallet. We can tell you which crypto wallet to choose. That is, which crypto wallet you should use. Yes, yes, we have cryptocurrency for beginners guides too! True, sometimes slang like HOLD or DYOR slips through. But we'll tell you what HOLD is and what DYOR is. What is staking and what is farming we will also tell you, of course, just give us time to let it all out. Lots of articles about cryptocurrency, lots of reviews on the best cryptocurrency projects, lots of articles about cryptocurrency ecosystems and there's even training on bitcoin and ethereum. We don't teach trading, that's why teaching trading is for others. But we can tell you what is a candle, what is a chart, what is an exchange, what is a dump, what is a dump, what is a fork, what is ATH and ATL, and what is blockchain, what is erc-20 and bep-20, what is a whitepaper, what is bounty, what is bitcoin dominance, what is a bear market, what is bull run. In short, if you want to learn cryptocurrency, learn about cryptocurrency, learn why cryptocurrency is rising and why cryptocurrency is falling... if you want to start understanding cryptocurrency and learn about the most promising coins in cryptocurrency, learn about the best cryptocurrency projects - you are at Moni Talks website! Crypto is easy with us! Remember it. We'll teach you about crypto! We'll tell you about crypto. Cheers, bro :)