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Pillow: Earn using DeFi, while you sleep


How is Pillow making DeFi easier? What coins can you earn interest on? Where can I download the app? Everything is explained below!

Hey, Gem Hunter! Want to take advantage of decentralized finance, but it's too complicated? All these gases, networks, and bridges make your eye twitch nervously, and you want to stake your millions more and more? Now we're going to dismantle a tool that will do everything for you, and you sit back and enjoy the interest. Interested? Let's do it!

Let’s meet Pillow!

Pillow is an app that lets you manage and profit from your digital assets. It’s like how you stake your coins, not through all the complexities involved in DeFi, but simply by funding your wallet.

You can store BTC, ETH, USDT and USDC, and for storing them, you get up to 17.8% in Stables and up to 7.05% in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Sounds like a good deal!

The founding team is based in India and registered in Singapore. They have rich experience in DeFi, Crypto and building large scalable products.

Interesting facts: 

- The team is backed by the founders of established blockchain projects like Polygon and Defi Pulse

- Interest is credited daily on the app, and the funds can be withdrawn anytime.

- Pillow is already used by people in 18 countries across the world

You can get to know the team better:

‍Arindam Roy

Kartik Mishra

Rajath KM

Let’s continue.

What's the catch?

The goal of the team is to simplify the process of getting profits from storing your crypto, without Metamask, chasing cheap gas, etc. for people like you and me.

The profits come from investing in the best blue-chip DeFi protocols. Moreover, if you deposit BTC, then it will not be converted, for example, into ETH. At best, the assets are transferred between networks, and stables can be changed to other stables, such as USDC to DAI.

The guys also have a gang of cool DeFi-degens who are constantly looking for where it is better to invest your assets at the moment.

The team gets their $$$ out of what they get on top of the interest they pay you for your contribution: some go into reserves, some are kept, but the bulk goes to the users.

How to sign up on Pillow?

- Install the application on your Android or iPhone

- Pass KYC

- Top up your balance in BTC, ETH, USDT or USDC

- ...


There are no restrictions on the minimum or maximum deposit. Currently, the supported networks are BTC, ETH and BSC, but in the near future, it is planned to add Polygon and Solana.

You can withdraw at any time and as much as you want! That is, it is not necessary to unstake the entire deposit in order to withdraw some part.

What about security?

Pillow uses BitGo for custody, the world's leading custodian service used by top exchanges and companies around the world. This also means that users' funds are insured for up to $100 million against any issues arising from custody.

When it comes to stablecoins, only reliable USDT and USDC types are used, which have been time-tested and have survived more than one bull/bear market.

The team uses only verified and audited DeFi protocols, and the smart contracts of the protocols used are additionally checked by the team.

To summarise:

As a result, we have an application where you can easily, safely and profitably store your stables, ETH and BTC. Of course, everything looks good, but don't forget about DYOR! Make DYOR at this link.


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