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How to use Moni Twitter Bot? Guide!


Hey, Gem Hunter! Tbh we don't know your level...are you a real degen or a newbie? Btw, sorry for the slang.

But who actually cares? Your experience isn't as necessary as your future experience, savvy? And Moni Twitter Bot will try to make your stay in crypto as comfortable and profitable as possible. Although the second, of course, depends only on you...

Ok, let's explore the bot...go go go

p.s. Just before we start. If you wanna contact the team to leave feedback or suggest something

Team: Garri, Maxim, ilya

Social media: Discord (ENG only)


Imagine you are sitting in your cosy little room. It's dusk outside the window, and a little rain is lightly tapping on your window...but you don't give a shit about it. You're busy searching for crypto projects that could potentially make you some dough. 

You're following a bunch of degens and projects on Twitter, but...damn, there are so many! You pray you could grow a third eye and a couple more hands so you can always be the first to know about updates. And that's where the Moni Twitter Bot comes in! 


Moni Twitter Bot will helps you: 

- Create a list of the people/bloggers/projects you want to follow 

- Get instant notifications on Telegram when people on your list subscribe to someone

- Respectively, you'll be able to find earlier projects easier and faster

- From time to time, we'll share lists of crypto influencers you can follow. We already have our first one called "Demo".

And... lots more. That's it; we've talked enough; now, let's get to the guide.  

Step by step, degen by degen

Step#1 Find the bot! 

Go to Telegram (we hope you know how to find it?) and type “@moni_twitter_bot”  

Or just use this link - click.

Disclaimer: You remember to watch out for scammers and always check the bot's nickname, right? Okay, let's move on. 

Ahtung! If you want to use the demo version first, go straight to step #4.

Step #2 Choose your plan

The bot greets us with a message like this. Okay, Mr. Bot, everything is clear, let's choose a subscription. 

Click on "My Subscription". You can choose from five types of subscriptions. Let's explore them! 


▫️ Up to 60 Twitter Accounts

▫️ Up to 2 Lists

▫️ Up to 120 000 Followings amount

Subscription plans

1 Month – $29/mo

3 Months – $26/mo (-10%, billed quarterly $78)

1 Year – $23/mo (-20%, billed yearly $276)


▫️ Up to 300 Twitter Accounts

▫️ Up to 8 Lists

▫️ Up to 600 000 Followings amount

▫️ Early Access for upcoming features

Subscription plans:

1 Month – $69/mo

3 Months – $62/mo (-10%, billed quarterly $186)

1 Year – $55/mo (-20%, billed yearly $660)


▫️ Up to 1000 Twitter Accounts

▫️ Up to 30 Lists

▫️ Up to 2 000 000 Followings amount

▫️ Early Access for upcoming features

Subscription plans:

1 Month – $169/mo

3 Months – $152/mo (-10%, billed quarterly $456)

1 Year – $135/mo (-20%, billed yearly $1620)


Well, you can set up the number of Twitter accounts to be tracked, time of use, number of lists, and other things yourself. But this needs to be discussed! Write to the bot team with a suggestion: Garri, Maxim, ilya

As you select a subscription, click on the button below it. Click, wow, well done!

Step #3 Subscribe! 

Choose a coin and then a network. For example, BUSD on BSC. 

Send money to the specified address. Send a link with the transaction to the bot (it looks like this). 

Wait for confirmation. And voila! 

Step #4 Create a list

Once the bot has eaten our payment confirmation, click "My Lists".

If you want to use the demo version, click on "Demo" and go to the item below about "Attach to the chat". 

Then click on "+Add".  

Name the sheet...for example, "Smart Degens". 

Then click "Smart Degens", "Edit followings", and "+Add". Now we will add those we want to follow.

Give the bot one or more links to Twitter accounts. Wow, it's added! Now we need to attach the bot to the channel. 

Click on "Attach to the chat". 

Choose where to send subscription notifications: to the Moni Twitter Bot or your chat or channel. 

Keep in mind that Moni Twitter Bot must be an administrator in your chat or channel! 

Great, great! If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, feedback, or comments, be sure to share them with the Moni team:

Discord (ENG only)

And the bot link, yes. Click! 


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