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Crypto fundraising. How to benefit yourself?


People often ask us, "What about the fundraising rubric?" Well, it's a rubric on our Telegram channel showing the projects that raised money. 

The column is significant and necessary, so we decided to make a guide so that you understand why we even write about projects that have recently attracted investment (or how we say, "raised some dough")

Let's go! 

What is fundraising?

Fundraising, to put it crudely, is the process of raising money. The term "fundraising" comes from the English language (fund-financing, raise - finding, collecting). Oh, we speak English now, sorry...yes.  

In our case - it is the process when crypto projects raise money from well-dressed rich people, teams which we usually call "funds".

Examples of well-known funds:

a16z -

Animoca Brands -

Delphi -

Sequoia -

Paradigm -

Also, you will find some more info on funds right here.

So what to do about it?

In theory, you can start your research if you find out that a significant fund/funds put a lot of money into the project.

What exactly can you do:

– Check Twitter for subscriptions from cool degens, influencers, etc.;

– Subscribe to social networks and leave emails on the Waitlist;

– Check social media for activities like testnet, contests, and so on;

– Scour Discord and try to get a role/ become an Ambassador/Moderator/Member of the team. 

Why is this necessary?

This article is written at a time when the market is bearish. And in a bear market, it is best to look for projects early, so you have time to throw money into them / get to know the team. After all, when the active phase of the market starts, called the bull run, the project can pump and bring us money. 

What are you waiting for while reading this on the bull run? Join our channel and see all the projects that have raised investment! You can make good money on this but after a good DYOR. 


That's all. We hope this article was helpful for you, fren. Just keep going and researching, and you will find the cool early projects, we’re sure :) And never miss our #DoughIsFund rubric on Telegram Channel

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