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Dexsport: Web3 betting on Dota 2, soccer and...BALL!!!


They say that risk is a great thing. However, if you've ever had a chance to get rekted on futures, you won't agree. Okay. 

On the other hand, why not if you take risks in places where that very risk is predictable? For example, sports betting! Wait, wait, wait... We'll explain everything. 

Dexsport is the DYOR hero today. They developed this project for those who do not mind betting on sporting events (not only) and are already familiar with crypto. The essence of betting is elementary and straightforward, but here are the advantages Dexsport offers its users.

Well, ofc, all the benefits of web3, namely the lack of KYC, regulation by the relevant authorities, and hence the sudden incidents associated with it. There also goes confidentiality, accessibility, transparency and seamless transactions as advantages of blockchain technology.  

The presence of liquidity pools on the platform solves many problems, such as fraud, extended payments, dependence on centralized systems, sudden blocking of funds in the account, and lack of control over personal funds. 

At the moment, BNB Chain, OKC and Polygon blockchains are available, so you don't have to worry about going broke on commissions before you make a bet. 

Also, you can buy crypto directly via your card. And in addition to soccer, hockey, and tennis, you can bet on who will win the Dota 2 game at The International right now.

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