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CyberConnect: Rewards and the Future of Social Networks


For many in our community, CyberConnect is associated only with an upcoming sale that's about to happen on Binance Launchpool. In chats, people ask, "What exactly is CyberConnect? Just another 'buy-and-forget' project, or something bigger with vision and history?" We decided to find out, so let's read on - you don't have much time.

What is it?

CyberConnect can't be called a single project. Rather, CyberConnect is a hub for social networks where developers can comfortably build their web3 social networks. In other words, it's a tool. They launched in 2022, and in that time, attracted 1.4 million users - most of them from BNB-chain. But CyberConnect is multi-chain: Polygon, Linea, Arbitrum, Optimism, BNB-Chain, and recently BASE.

The team raised several rounds of $25 million from big names like Binance Labs, Animoca Brands, and Polygon Studios.

Why do they need these web3 social networks?

What's happening in social networks now can't be called something... um... we need to find a polite word. Good! That's it, good. Today, any social network knows more about you than your best friend: when you woke up, what you like to eat, what music you listen to, and what series you watch. This is concerning because your data are sold to third-party companies, who try to sell you as many products as possible through targeted advertising.

Ok, bite me… companies, but censorship! You're literally in the hands of Facebook's CEO - he can read your messages if he wants, delete your account that you've been building for years, sleepless on many nights... Web3 social networks want to challenge this mess, and CyberConnect wants to lead this fight.

How Does CyberConnect Make Web3 Social Networks Better?

Very briefly, by points:

ERC-4337: This is a thing that CyberConnect works well with. It allows users to register on web3 social networks without paying gas fees (commissions), which often deters newcomers. In short, it makes web3 social networks more accessible.

CyberNetwork: Again, gas. CyberNetwork is L2. All these L2s like Arbitrum, Base, and Optimism - CyberNetwork also has low gas. Again, accessibility.

CyberGraph: A smart contract that's censorship-resistant and even rewards users.

What about the CYBER token? What's it for?

Well, to please early users - that's clear. But there are more features:

Governance (CyberDAO is coming soon). Users can use the token to vote on specific decisions: yes/no, or propose their own.

The token will be used to pay commissions.

For payment within various in-project things, like CyberID, etc.

Main Token Metrics:

Now about the sale... the project's tokenomics:

What to do with rewards? For those who participated in activities?

CyberConnect's first activity season has come to an end. Rewards will be available on August 15th at 12:00 UTC at this link. At the same time, the $CYBER token will be listed on Binance and other exchanges - it's best to follow this news through the official group.

Those who have these things below will be able to receive rewards in the first season:

Here it is, specifically! How many tokens will they distribute:

The first season - that's it. We're waiting for the second season! To participate, keep an eye on the announcements. This can be done in the official group

With the token and rewards clear... what can be touched?

The guys are working on the ecosystem - that's understood. The flagship (most important and largest) at the moment is the Link3 app. It's kind of like LinkedIn in web3. There is also CyberTune for exchanging music NFTs and Atticc, dedicated to just the NFT community. Many other projects are being developed, so we're waiting.

In conclusion about CyberTrek and summary: 

The team has launched CyberTrek. It's something like what Odyssey was for Arbitrum - 2 months of passing some quests. You see the chains below.

Come here 

To participate, top up the account from any network:


Accept all the things

Choose the necessary network (where the money is lol) and put it on the balance

Sign two transactions:

Claim Early NFT from Cyber Connect:

Great, we've leveled up the account a bit. 


CyberConnect has all chances to blow it up. So it’s worth following updates and never missing any significant news. Btw, DYOR, as they say. To keep your brain updated, join the Telegram group here.


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