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Beep-Beep, B.Protocol will kill GasWars, baby?


So, our dear friend, today we’re going to tell you a little bit about B.Protocol. It’s a new project that hasn’t become famous yet, but it has everything ahead of it. By the way, it’s cool that we find the best for you when nobody knows about it yet. B.Protocol has attracted attention for several reasons, but first, we need to understand it in general.

B.Protocol is a liquidity support protocol for DeFi projects and lending protocols. B.Protocol can help get more from platforms like Compound, MakerDAO, Liquity. Also, AAVE is about to join.

Okay, but why? After all, you can go and come directly to these protocols. Yeah, you can, but B.Protocol will definitely tell you where it’s better. It’s like 1inch, but in the world of lending platforms. Find the best option from the whole market — why not, it’s convenient, it’s cool.

Of course, that’s not all that B.Protocol can please. So why has it caught Gem Hunters’ attention?

- Security. They’re not huge uncles at the front door. Security = privacy. And it’s all for you, buddy, you’re number one in this protocol, come to think of it.

- Team. The guys behind the project have been in crypto since 2013, and have been doing the project not for the first time, true OG. Yaron Velner is the founder of B.Protocol. Do you know who he is? Well, he created Kyber Network and is one of the developers of WBTC. Even Jason Statham has stepped back to light a cigarette now.

- Bigger income. Yes, you, being a B.Protocol user, can get a lot more profits. This is because B.Protocol’s auxiliary liquidators share their income from liquidations with users.

- Easy integration. If you are already a Compound user, for example, you can integrate your account into B.Protocol with one click. You are continuing to get your Comp. In general, you don’t have to bear any inconvenience; you won’t lose anything. The client-friendliness is on par; I wish it were like that everywhere else.

- Soft Use. You won’t feel that you’re using Conditional Compound through an additional protocol. For B.Protocol is designed as a thin layer on top of the DeFi credit platforms with which it is integrated, to make the user funds as secure as they would with direct use of the platforms. The user pays and receives the same interest rates and liquidation penalties as when using the platforms directly.

- Gaswar, goodbye. B.Protocol is really making an effort to combat gaswar and it’s succeeding. It’s cool when the platform shifts value from miners to users and mitigates MEVs. Basically, they take money from miners and give it to you. That’s something our beloved DeFi misses today.

Here we leave links for your DYOR: Website + Twitter. Let’s dive into this ocean! See you, buddy.


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