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You are blockchain, and I am Allbridge. We're together forever!


Gem Hunter, Achtung! We've had another Gem appearance in Gem City. So let's start without a hello. We're going straight from the ship to the ball. Well, from the ship to the bridge. 

Look, you're a confident user of crypto. Real degen. What would you like right now? 

- Ape in a token and get 10000x 

- Buy three lambos to match the colour of all your pants

- Not to blow your brains out and transfer conditional USDT from Polygon (Matic) network to Solana network

The first two things... alas, we can not give you right now. But the last one is possible! Allbridge will do it. 

Gem Hunters found Allbridge in the upmarket area of Gem City. Along with the project came a user manual. So come along, let's ape! 

Step #1. 

Visit the platform

Say hello to the Allbridge platform. You need to click on Transfer Asset. Just stay on the path, traveller! 

Step #2. 

Of course, the guys have done their best and left a map - a video guide. Let's like the vid and then choose a blockchain. 

What blockchains we can choose: 

– Avalanche


– Celo

– Ethereum

– Fantom Opera

– Huobi ECO Chain

– Polygon aka Matic

– Solana

We select the USDT token and swap it from the Polygon blockchain to the Solana blockchain. Then we connect the wallet.

Step #3. 

Wait a bit. Мoila! The asset is in our Metamask, sweetheart. 

But that's not all the perks the Allbridge chef has in store for us. What else is in there?

$ABR token

Right now, the token is valued at around $5.3. You can buy it on Uniswap and eight other platforms. Of course, do it after a good DYOR. So wait, what does it do? 

- The project is young and ambitious - you can HODL it. NFA!

- Staking. Yes, you can throw a $ABR token at the right network in staking and get an APR of up to 62.64% on Solana. On other networks, the APR will be around 170%. But on Huobi ECO Chain, it is 190%. The percentage depends on the commission collected during the week.

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate, representing the rewards rate for a whole year, applied to your staked funds.

Btw, Allbridge does not print brrrr ABR to have a high APR. It's pure earnings on bridge fees.

- The commission per transaction. The xABR token reduces the bridge fee (but not the gas fee!). For example, ten xABR will give a commission of 0.2% instead of $0.3. If you hold 40 xABR, the commission will be 0.1%. There's a calculator on the staking page - you can play with it. 

Got it! Give me the links!

As always, Gem Hunter. The links for DYOR are here: 



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