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How to use 1inch with Wirex


Hi, Gem Hunterfrien!! In this article, we will do a review on Wirex. It's such a non-custodial wallet. It supports both fiat money and crypto. We will tell you how and why you should use it together with 1inch.

First, you should download the Wirex wallet app from the official website. It's best to do this already from your mobile device, so you have the opportunity to take a picture of both your face and your documents because the app not only allows you to work with crypto and fiat but also gives loans.

As you do everything and open the app, you will see a window like this.

It's your profile in this online crypto banking. Here you can add your account and put money into it. You have to open a separate account for each crypto, so everything is classic European banking style, but it's just a couple of clicks.

The only immediately available crypto (others are also fully accessible, you need to open an account) is the token of Wirex - WXT. 

In the credit section, we can safely take a loan; for this, you only need to leave a small deposit in crypto; maybe your crypto will be staked so that you do not pay interest on the loan.

You can open your account in the X-Accounts section, which will be used only with crypto. It seems like there's nothing unnecessary.

And now we've moved on to the prices section, and that's great because this is probably the most exciting part. 

Here you can make direct exchanges to other fiat currencies and crypto. You may wonder, what does 1inch have to do with it and how to use it here?

We have been preparing this answer for you since this article's beginning! 

Now Wirex Processing (the way the exchange and movement of funds) closely cooperates with 1inch, thanks to which the platform has some of the most favourable prices in the world. So, you can try to arbitrage or use the app. 

Thanks, 1inch! A reminder about the link - click 


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