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What projects you have to touch on Arbitrum?


Do you think we’ll never make any guide about Arbitrum again? Nope, now get the sequel!

We’ve already figured out what this thing is all about. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here, then come back here.

Now let’s talk about the projects that have joined Arbitrum. In general, Arbitrum is a nice guy, like the new kid in the class who in a week has already stolen all your friends and girls (okay, bro, not yours. Yours are with you to the end, and we are with you to the end). Projects are more than happy to start friendships with these layer 2 solutions and it’s probably just the beginning.

You can see all the projects by clicking here. Very confidently dapps are coming into Arbitrum, especially DeFi ones.

Let’s see what projects you can touch on during the holidays.


Balancer turned out to be the first really big and popular protocol launched on Arbitrum.

A lot of people may already know it. It’s a DEX with farming capability. It’s simple: connect your Metamask and choose the right pool.


The second-largest DEX on Ethereum is now also available on Arbitrum. You can now trade there, provide liquidity and lend through Kashi. Kashi is a protocol for creating isolated lending pairs. If you borrow or lend, pairs like USDC/wETH, USDT/wBTC, LINK/USDT and USDC/LINK, you’ll get SUSHI reward in addition to the interest (not bad interest by the way).

Also, look, there is BeefyFinance. Although this platform was not on ETH, now it’s there. It is an interesting DeFi project originally on BSC, with interesting interests, and now on Arbitrum.


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