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Trader is crying? Decommas will calm him down (review!)


Decommas. Decommas. Dec... what? What the hell is that? The name's kind of cool, but can you use it? And what's it for?

Lots of questions. So, yung Gem Hunter, get off your ass and let's create the bridge to new knowledge! 

What is this thing? Long story short, it's an analyzer, aggregator, and killer all in one. Mother and father of Decommas are 3commas.

The heart of the product is a desire to simplify life for traders. Now, instead of 20 tabs in your browser, you need one - and DeCommas is in it.

The product is divided into three parts. In this article, we will break down the first two products.

/1 Decommas GEAR

This tool allows you to track important information about Solana wallets, displaying tokens, liquidity, farming percentages and transaction history, all complemented by handy filters: 

Pool explorer - Find the highest APY or the highest liquidity.

Multisender - Send tokens to multiple accounts in one click.

Accounts creator - Allows you to create a Solana blockchain address.

Wallet explorer - Track assets in your wallet: balances, LP tokens and rewards.

Bridges - Allows you to find the right bridge.

Farm explorer - Informs you about the significant pools on Radium and Orca. Let you find the tastiest APYs.

Move assets - Allows you to transfer assets from one wallet to another quickly.

/2 Decommas OPEX

Opex provides its users with tools to aggregate option contract information from other platforms. And many more additional tools for options trading. The growing number of options exchanges and the variety of solutions on offer makes it impossible to enjoy the full potential of options trading. But now traders have OPEX.

On the homepage of Opex, there is a dashboard with data about the total trading volume and demand for options trading. Market and contract data is collected from CEXs such as Deribit and Binance and DEXs such as Auctus and Opyn. And contract analysis is also available for BTC, ETH and AUC (Auctus).

Once the appropriate contract has been selected, the user has access to more detailed information. Namely:

– Date

– Price

– Volume of trades

– Interest

– Estimated volatility graph

Let's summarize! Decommas has developed a unique platform for monitoring market conditions and gathering statistics from various option platforms with the ability to trade in just a few clicks. Sounds complicated? Try it and do it yourself: 

The website of this project!


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