Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #522, 10 June

White lines, white hats


Hey Moni Maker 🧶

Today the world celebrates unofficial Ice Cream Day. Yes, sweets make us happy, but should we be hungry for a 'quick high'? Probably not. After all, crypto is also a "quick high", but to experience minutes of dopamine orgasm, you first have to work hard - DYOR, talk to like-minded people, allocate some of your deposit, get in and out on time... that's why we love it. The hard stuff is much more satisfying, yes?

Let’s go!


And the hacker is not a hacker, but a knight? 

It would probably still be more logical to start the day with a post about Hop Protocol airdrop. Btw, you can claim it here; now, let's speak about some other things. 

Do you remember when we talked about hacking Optimism? Well, not hacking, really, a little gaffe. Before the Optimism airdrop, they sent 20 million tokens to the market maker Wintermute's address so that they, in turn, distributed the tokens among users' addresses. But... Wintermute has specified an address which has not yet been deployed to Optimism. Some guy hustled up, beat Wintermute to it, deployed the multi-signature, and took the dough. The guy flipped a million $OP tokens for ETH. 

As revealed yesterday, this "hacker" sent some of the "profit" to Vitalik Buterin's wallet. When writing, 18 million tokens are still in the hacker's wallet. 


What should you do with your watchlist? 

Townie Gem City, do you remember we have the Moni crypto tracker, yup? Yes, we recently added NFT tracking there, but let's move on.

Now you can share your watchlist with your friends to share smart ideas and with your enemies to flex your x's. Facts, let's put together the coolest watchlist and share it with followers, hah? 

Step by step:  

- Download Moni: iOS / Android 

- Read the watchlist building guide 

- Share it and leave feedback on the app - the Moni Discord server is awaiting for you 



Shiller is a well-known person in the cryptocurrency world who advertises tokens or a project.

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