Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #529, 21 June

The day Discord stopped


Hey Moni Мейкер 🎲

Today, in 2003, the last Modern Talking concert took place in Berlin. Once upon a time, this Eurodance band was rocking stadiums of 25,000 people, but everything, unfortunately, or fortunately, comes to an end. One day our currents, projects, and movements will go from "fascinating future" to "interesting past". But why live in a place where we don't exist yet? :)

Let’s go! 


And just 20 minutes ago, Discord and the websites were down

So, Gem City, feel the cold breath of the post-apocalypse? Yeah, Discord and a bunch of other services just didn't work this morning. 

Apparently, it's all Cloudflare's fault for going down. There may well be other reasons - if you know more, you can always write us in the comments. Yes, decentralisation is important, decentralisation is necessary.   

Now it seems that everything has been restored, and everything is working for everyone. But our advice - you can always subscribe to our digest newsletters, in case this shit happens again, to stay informed about crypto news - do it here

p.s. if our mail services and tg go down too, we'll be fucked up. but let's not think about it. 


Help Curly Sam save the crypto!

3AC and Celsius are now on the cusp of bankruptcy, and they can cause the crash of a big crypto market part...but...this city needs its Hero! Sam and Alameda are rushing to save the crypto market, ha. 

Though there is an opinion that our kid with his fund brought the companies above to such a state, Sam, aka SBF, however, called such vile insinuations as lies and provocation.


Moni Talks is looking for a copywriter

So, look, we need a copywriter for the team. What's the job? 

- Write posts, guides and articles

- Post them on the site 

- Full-time  

- Native English

- SEO knowledge (will be cool, but can be without it) 

What we will give: 

- Salary TBD

- Adequate (to a degree) team without bureaucracy 

- Perks TBD

Be ready for a little test task! Write here: @gryazin 

p.s. as you see our English is not so good, so we need you :D



Listing is the process when a particular coin first appears on an exchange. When coins are listed on popular exchanges, such as coinbase, they often going to the moon.

And more you can find in our Glossary!



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