Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #356, 24 November

Elon, Cz...plz keep calm, boyz!


Hey Moni Maker 🗣 

Today is Walrus Day in Russia. It must be awesome to be a walrus, huh? You lie there, your fangs huge. You swim if you want, lie down if you wish. But you and I are crypto dogs, and we can't stop. The market runs like walruses chase fish; that is why our task is to make x's and find alpha. 

Digest will help us do that. Let's go!


Elon Musk responded harshly to CZ!

Tesla CEO Elon Musk attacked CZ on Twitter. He lashed out at the Binance CEO over Dogecoin withdrawal problems. 

CZ parried the problems on the side of the Dodge devs, at the same time recalling how Tesla recalled 12,000 cars due to technical issues. 

CZ ended up suggesting that Musk use BinanceUS. 

So what? 

According to science, a man's childhood ends around 50-60. That's great! What else is there to say? Men used to challenge each other to a duel, but they bicker on Twitter today. 

And CZ is excellent. Even in a conflict, find a way to promote the home exchange... sell me that Binance :)  


A melodrama with a happy ending

Metamask and Ledger are together again. Btw, they broke up last May.

It's a beautiful turn of events. Their tight partnership was announced on Twitter.

What's that to you? Ledger is now reconnecting with Metamask. So if you get yourself a wallet like this, you'll be more used to working with it. Cool.


Profits on Mt.Gox!

The trustee in Mt. Gox’s bankruptcy presides over a trove of 141,686 bitcoins with a market value of over $8.3 billion that is at last nearing redistribution

Fortress Investment Group and 507 Capital, which have spent years hoovering up unpaid Mt. Gox claims to make huge profits.

So too do creditors of the crypto exchanges Bitcoinica and Bitcoin Builder, which used Mt. Gox as a custodian, thanks to massive growth in the price of bitcoin since the infamous hack. 


Trader is crying? Decommas will calm him down (review!)

What is Decommas? What's value for you? Why would you close 20 tabs and leave one with Decommas? 

Check the post and get all the answers!


A token, a drop and two X's | Edition №17

The new NFT Digest! There are drops, events, x's and news from the NFT world. Want to read? Sure! 

Press: When is the Opensea token? What's the word on drops? Is NFT more popular than Doge, Solana and Ethereum? Digest is an aesthete! 

Read the digest!  


0 days left!

Ok, ok! Let the guys earn, miss the Battle and feel FOMO for the rest of your life...

You don't want to ,rly? Ok, catch the vid, it will tell you:

– What is Portfolios' Battle? 

– How you can take part? 

– What prizes can you get? 

Watch the video and join! 



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