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DeFi Racer: Racing in 1inch Wallet (Guide)


If you didn't know, 1inch Wallet not only helps you to degen from your mobile but also to take a break. Rest, we mean... The wallet has built-in races, and now we'll tell you about this gaaame.

The first thing you do is go here (1), then click on Play the 1inch Game (2)

Choose a cool nickname

How to start? In the beginning, you have only one car, so you can safely press PLAY. Overtime, for the points you earn, you can buy a new car, improve the current monster (the car) or paint it.

How to play?

All elementary, you choose a direction by swiping, collecting stuff, do not hit pedestrians and not crashing into other cars. Race, collect points, pump your car, degenerate, repeat.


You can also participate in tournaments announced on 1inch social networks and available here.

If you find bugs or have something to suggest

Contact support chat at .

How do I get rewards won for the game?

All race rewards are distributed with a gas refund at the end of each month. To get the rewards, see this guide.


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