WTF is NFTEDITION #50, 19 July

Azuki's sad story


Hi OG 🖼

Been waiting for your favourite NFT digest? If you've been waiting, rejoice, it's here.Today's agenda is traditionally important news from the world of jpegs: Azuki has shrunk just over completely; Premint has been hacked and people are scammed; Bill Gates called NFT with crypto an overpriced scam. Can you imagine what's going on? Anyway, get ready, let's start piecing it together.

jpeg is coursing through your venius

Market this week


It's gone

The blue-chip from earlier this year called Azuki has dumped along with the whole market, despite all its bluechipness. Ah yes, there was also a very controversial article by the founder. Not about that now. 

563 unique buyers, 837 transactions and $12,000,000 volume in June, compared to 9,123 unique buyers, 18,012 transactions and $220,000,000 in January. We will wait to see what happens. Or maybe nothing will happen...


Not free mint but free rekt

Another scoundrel broke the NFT Premint registration platform and stole 320 NFT and over $400,000. Good thing vigilant users spotted the trouble and immediately reported it to the right place (TWITOR).

Btw, what NFTs have gone: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Otherside, Moonbirds Oddities and Goblin Town. For example, one stolen Bored Ape sold for 89 ETH, or about $132,000.

A new hater

Crypto is not windows; it's a scam window! 

Bill "640kb is enough for everyone" Gates has informed the public that all your NFT and other crypto exist purely because of the more excellent fool theory, not because of any wet fantasies of enthusiasts.

The theory implies that overvalued assets continue to rise in value because they can be bought and sold for a profit. After all, there will always be another buyer, a "bigger fool", who expects to resell them quickly. This is how the man selling Windows Millenium for cash blessed us.


NFT buzz

The Americans

The Saudis have already pumped, so maybe the Americans will as well? DYOR!

CNP Jobs

It's so cute. If I had nowhere else to put my Ethereum,  I'd buy one, print it out and frame it, but purely for aesthetic purposes!

Were owls already worse than bats? That's right - nothing. They also look scary and goblin-like. They look like a pure gems.

looking for alpha

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