Learn24 August 2022

How to swap on 1inch


So, dear friend, to begin with, let us clarify that for any kind of operations with your crypto-currencies, we must have on the balance a native token of the network in which the operations are actually carried out. To pay gas fees for transfers and transaction approvals. Got it :) 

 The second point on the score, but not in importance, is to verify the wallet for which you will exchange tokens, because you can swap not only to your own, but also to another wallet (more on this in the article). After all, there are many softs that you could pick up quite by accident and they replace any text in the clipboard that looks like a crypto wallet with their own. Therefore, if you are sending to someone, it is better to take a look at the beginning and end of the wallet to be sure of your actions. Let's get started. Here you need to perform just a couple of steps for the swap:

 - Go to app.1inch.io, you are immediately thrown into the section with a  swap;

 - Then, without delay, connect the wallet, for this you should press any of the buttons, which are indicated above by purple rectangles;

 - The following window will appear. For example, if you want to exchange the ethereum that you have on Trust wallet, or BNB on a metamask (it really doesn’t matter), then select your network, then the wallet;

 - After wallet’s connection, you already see what and how you can exchange, from above, respectively, what you give, from below, what you receive.

You can specify a different wallet address as the recipient of the tokens you are exchanging; however, it cannot be an exchange wallet, that is, you need to take it not from Binance, FTX or Coinbase, but it must be Trust wallet, Metamask, web3, and so on. Some centralized exchanges and bridge protocols do not allow deposits from contract addresses.

 Also, do not enter a recipient address as a token contract, as your tokens will be lost.

 - When you have chosen the assets you need and you are sure that you want to exchange them under these conditions, a button that calls to confirm the exchange will become available to you, your wallet will come out to you, it will write what and where you are sending and gas for it.

 - This is what confirmation looks like, my friend!

 - If you saw this - congratulations! This is the message that should appear in the upper right corner if everything went well and the tokens were successfully swapped.

But if some problems got out, then it’s definitely better to contact the 1inch support service directly, because only they are given secret knowledge about problems with swap and transactions, the most important thing is not to panic, because if you followed the instructions, then you did everything right and bug is from their side.


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