Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #756, 19 May 2023

Some more words on the Ledger case


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Today, in 2011, the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" had its premiere, savvy? Well, essentially, we're all like Jack Sparrow here. Captain Jack Sparrows, to be exact.

No, we don't rob people, and we're not actual pirates. Still, there are quite a few similarities... silly behavior, a desire to snatch treasures from the clutches of the Kraken (or Coinbase and Binance), and outsmarting other players in the market. Yes... However, it's crucial to remember that cryptocurrency can be perilous, just like those islands where Jack Sparrow enjoys hanging out. So be careful! 

What we cover now: more thoughts on the Ledger situation, CEOs opposing Biden's plan, and Tools from Crypton.

Let's go!


Let's dive into why Ledger's Recovery is both good and bad.

We've put a Twitter thread about Ledger's Recovery in this Digest, but first, let's share our own thoughts.

– Essentially, Ledger is moving towards mass adoption. They will likely succeed in strategy because more people outside the crypto community would want to have such a wallet, and they don't care about seed-phrases as long as they are stored somewhere.

– For someone who is not involved in crypto, it's normal to store their funds, data, and other things with intermediaries. Therefore, Ledger targets "global banks," making room for secure wallets for crypto enthusiasts like us. 

– Hence, this mass adoption strategy! It's not about DeFi; it's about storing seed phrases of cold wallets in US and UK companies, with all the resulting consequences of government pressure.

Check out the thread with thoughts on Ledger by following the link


The USA and regulation. Yeah, once again!

– Some CEOs criticize Biden's plan on taxes for crypto miners (spoiler: they would leave the country)


TOP investor???


How Tools will help you?

Our frens from Crypton developed a tool called TOOLS. Yeah, collecting all the platforms you need in only one place will make your life easier. 

Long story short, DYOR yourself by the link



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