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The metaverses’ asset value will exceed $50 billion in the next four years - a Technavio research told


In July 2022, Technavio staff analysed the Metaverse geographically and financially over 2021-2026. According to the estimates, the Metaverse could be capitalised at more than 50 billion backs by 2026.

Analysts are convinced that the annual growth rate will be around 21%. The most significant growth (32%) will be in the United States and Canada.

Today Germany and China are considered the primary consumers of the content of metaverses. At the same time, the whole world is looking more closely at them. The UAE has unveiled a strategy for Dubai's metaverse. The goal is to become one of the top 10 Metaverse economies.

Based on user responses, the best digital wallets are considered to be the following: Trust Wallet, Enjin Wallet, MetaMask, Math Wallet, Coinbase, Alpha Wallet and Coinomi. Technavio analysts reported that Metaverse's real estate sales would be worth $5 billion in July.

Metaverse is interfering with the way we are used to living. They have control over much of the physical world.


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